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Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 5-6 (Chaning, Mark.)
Bibliographical information (record 198925)
Over 600 Audiobooks on 9 DVD : Disc 5-6
Chaning, Mark. Search Author in Amazon Books

Audio Books
9780955286100 Book Cover Image
01 Jun 2006
DVD 005598
Detailed notes
    - DVD:5 1.Land of Mist (by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)2.Leaden Ring (by S Baring-Gould) 3.Legend of the Rhine (by W.M.Thackeray) 4.Liberation of the First Three (by Price Warung) 5.Loaded Dog (by Henrey Lawson) 6.Lord Arthur Saviles Crime (by Oscar Wilde) 7.Lord Jim (by Joseph Conrad) 8.Lost Hearts (by M.R.James) 9.Lost Stradivarius (by J.M.Falkner) 10.Lost World (by Arthur Conan Doyle) 11.Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein (by O.Henry) 12.Lucians Wonderland (by Lucian) 13.Lukundoo (by Edward Lucas White) 14.Lull (by Saki) 15.Malcome Sage Detective (by Herbert Jenkins) 16.Man and Snake (by Ambrose Bierce) 17.Man in the Bell (W.A.Aytoun) 18.Man Who Was Thursday (by G.K.Chesterton) 19.Man Who Would be King (by Rudyard Kipling) 20.Man-Size in Marble (by E.Nesbit) 21.Maracot Deep (by Arthur Conan Doyle) 22.Mark of the Beast (by Rudyard Kipling) 23.Markheim (by Robert Louis Stevenson) 24.Masada Never Again (by Jon Schiller) 25.Mexican (by Jack London) 26.Michael brother of Jerry (by Jack London)27.Middle Toe (by Ambrose Bierce)28.Monk (by Matthew lewis)29.Moon Metal (by Garrett P Serviss)30.Moon-Bog (by H P Lovecraft)31.Moonraker (by F Tennyson Jesse)32.Moonstone (by Wilkie Collins)33.Murder(by Arnold Bennett)34.Murder by Proxy (by M McD Bodkin QC)35.Murder of the Mandarin (by Arnold Bennett)36.Music on the Hill (by Saki)37.MUSKETEERS 1 - The Three Musketeers (by Alexandre Dumas)38.My Lady Nicotine (by J M Barrie)39.Mysterious Mansion (by Honore De Balzac)40.Mysterious Stranger (by Mark Twain)41.Mystery of Room 666 (by jacques Futrelle)42.Negotium Perambulans (by E F benson)43.New Sun (by J S Fletcher)44.New Terror (by Gaston Leroux)45. Nigger of the Narcissus (by Joseph Conrad)46.Open Window (by Saki)47.Paradoxes of Mr Pond (by G K Chesterton)48.Phantom Coach (by Amelie B Edwards)49.Phantom of the Opera (by Gaston Leroux)
    - DVD:6 1.Pickwick Papers (by Charles Dickens)2.Picture Of Dorion Gray (by Oscar Wilde)3.Pieces of Eight (by Richard Le Gallienne)4.Pirate of the Land (by Arthur Conan Doyle)5.Poison Belt(by Arthur Conan Doyle)6.Pope's Mule (by Alphonse Daudet)7.Pot of Caviare (by Arthur Conan Doyle)8.Prince Zaleski (by M P Shiel)stories.9.Princess's Vengeance (by C L Pirkis)10.Prisoner in The Caucasus (by Lev Tolstoy)11.Prisoner of Zenda (by Anthony Hope)12.Proofs of Holy Writ (by Rudyard Kipling)13.Public Relations (by Patrick Walsh)14.Quentin Durward (by Sir Walter Scott)15.Rats (by M R James)16.Red cavalry (by Isaac Babel)stories.17.Remoulding of Groby Lington (by Saki)18.Resurrectionist (by Samuel warren)19.Reticence of Lady Anne (by Saki)20.Riddle of the Sands (by Erskine Childers)21.Right Ho Jeeves (by P G Wodehouse)22.Robinson Cruso (by Daniel Defoe)23.Romance of old Clothes (by Henry James)24.Romancers (by Saki)25.ROMANS (by Arthur Conan Doyle)stories.26.Rupert of Hentzau (by Anthony Hope)27.Salavandra (by Theodor Erski)28.Salvationists (by Villiers de Le Isle Adam)29.Sapient Monkey (by Headon Hill)30.Scarlet Plague (by Jack London)31.Sea Wolf (by Jack London)32.Secret Agents (by Joseph Conrad)33.Seven Steps to Treason (by Michael Hartland)34.Sexton Blake and the Time-Killer (by anonymous author)35.Shadow of a Shade (by Tom Hood)36.She (by H Rider Haggard)
    - Language : English
    - Subtitles : No Subtitle
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